A major shift for the veterinary profession would be abandoning the egocentric concept of “control over” and instead embracing the idea of “partnership with.”

Let us reimagine the mindset of progress and growth. Today we have economies that grow by taking away our future. What we need are economies that grow by adding to our future.

We have to give up our self-assumed supremacy as humans and learn that collaboration rather than competition will bring the ultimate progress.

Push forward to create a community of people that are emotionally and intellectually close to your mission. Always listen to everyone’s ideas and be inclusive. And have compassion for those who aren’t there yet.

Don’t plan or strategize too much. Make a small change, and then grow the initiative from there. You will quickly learn what works best, and where/how you can make the most impact.

Illustration by Zhi Wang

Bring your team together, address issues and grow a culture of climate action by hosting a green retrospective at the end of your project.

Photo by Hielke Gerritse. Illustration by Zhi Wang.

In his recently released book, climate psychologist Per Espen Stoknes makes a case for bridging the gap between the mindsets of conventional business people and liberal environmental activists. Hive Initiative ambassador Benedicte Lysaker shares a recap and her insights from the book.

When raising the [climate] question and discussing it, it was truly inspiring to see how many of our colleagues were passionate about this.

I think everyday people are ready for change, but it’s not like we have given them many good, sustainable choices yet. Choices that also take seriously the intricate workings of behavior– as a dynamic play between motivation, real opportunities and capabilities.

Find yourself a small group of allies first — things will be much easier when you are not fighting alone.

Erin Gallup

Head of Design at C4IR Ocean in Fornebu, Norway. Co-founder of The Hive Initiative.

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