Let’s unify around common (mega)projects

In a time of great divisiveness, I wonder what kind of common enemies America can unify around. Although I would prefer to agree on a common goal (something positive and productive toward which everyone would want to collaborate) I wonder if fear of a common enemy creates a stronger bond than the sharing a common goal. I honestly thought the unifying goal of my lifetime would be combating the effects of climate change and the threat of global destruction, but it seems like my country is ready to vote against their own fears on that front

Perhaps we can unify around the quest to put people on Mars — or to get their before somebody else. (This may be a priority for the new administration, but like many other issues, we just don’t know what they plan to do on that front.)

Perhaps we can respond to fears of natural disasters by taking on large open space cleanup rehabilitation projects. Ambitious, impressive, global-class civic spaces can cater to proud nationalists by making America look “great” at the same that the project excites climate activists with massive green infrastructure improvements or flood-prevention measures.