Stuff that I used to own (dot tumblr dot com)

I’m moving in a couple of weeks and currently sorting through all of my crap, trying to purge as much of it as possible and trying to organize the rest of it. I haven’t read anything by Marie Kondo, but I’m loosely adopting her “Does this bring me joy?” line of questioning to each of my belongings.

I’ve found that the challenge is that almost all of the things that I own bring me some kind of joy, or are at least associated with something that brings me joy, or are associated with something that I think ought to bring me joy. Almost none of them bring me joy on a regular basis, but they either remind me of fond memories (e.g. knick-knacks and souvenirs) or they have the capacity to bring me joy in the future (e.g. empty coloring book, unopened pack of cards).

Yet I am pretty sure that I need to get rid of these things to avoid the trap of hoarding, and to free myself from the psychological and physical burden of carrying all of this stuff around. One way I’ve decided to let go of the things that remind me of happy times: I’ll take a photo and post it to a tumblr to memorialize it. When I want to remember all the memories associated with all my junk, I can go to, otherwise I don’t have to deal with it.

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