A list of advice for my younger self

  1. Carefully crafting plans restricts your level of contentment. Don’t plan out your whole life at age 11.
  2. Being silent at first helps when trying to be heard later on.
  3. It’s okay to eat that pizza at 3 a.m. It’s also okay that the guy working the register gave you a discount because he felt bad for you — the joke's on him, you got a cheaper large pizza and you don’t have to share it.
  4. Tears happen. It’s not a bragging point that you have, “Only cried in public three times.”
  5. Stop ghosting people. It’s rude. Don’t bail on people who think you’re cool enough to hang out with.
  6. We get it, you’re weird. You don’t need to plank on tables or twerk on a wall in your pajamas to prove it to anyone.
  7. We are all a little bit crazy. The people who are the same type of crazy will become some of your closest companions.
  8. Your laugh isn’t ugly and it’s okay that you miss that same patch of hair on your calf every time you shave.
  9. It’s okay to let other people care about you. It doesn’t make you weak or pathetic to need someone.
  10. Always remember that, “Comparison is the thief of joy” (Teddy Roosevelt).