The Perfect Job

I’m currently in Hawaii and have been pouring over beautiful displays of stone and silver pieces of jewelry. In such a beautiful place, a girl can’t help but to adorn herself with beauty.

I met a Finnish lady named Ula who owns a small vintage shop in Kapa’a along the Eastern Coast of Kauai. She offered me an interesting job after I purchased two pieces of gorgeous Turkish jewelry from her — yes, Turkish jewelry on a remote Hawaiian island. I added to my collection a Moonstone + sterling silver ring and a Puffite Crystal pendant. I asked her how she got hold of these — I visit Turkey every year and have never seen this type of work. Turkish artistry and design varies over centuries and centuries of tastes and styles. Every village in Turkey, not just in the major cities, has their own approach to art.

She told me her daughter’s nanny on the island is a Turkish expat looking for work in the United States. This Turkish woman has exquisite taste in jewelry. She works as a nanny during the winter in Hawaii and travels the world for different pieces of jewelry in the summer.

I didn’t get the Turkish woman’s name, but Ula told me she’s been traveling as a mdoern-day jewelry merchant. It struck a cord with me because it combined all the things I love into one basket. (I’m not sure why I have a tendency to try to put things into a single basket — but I do.) Her lifestyle is an interesting and inspirational take on my dream: Meeting new people, traveling extensively, searching for authentically made jewelry in third world countries, and eventually returning to Hawaii.

My goal is to maintain my digital design career and continue individual online branding, but possibly start a new venture as an international freelancer and merchant.

The Silk Road ran through Istanbul and the city was considered to be the capitol of trade. The trail extended all the way to Mongolia where the Turks originated – Many pieces of jewelry (not to mention all the other precious goods) were traded throughout the land from the Roman Empire to India, to Tibet, China, and Russia. This was the ancient day’s etsy.

The Western World is now awakening to the jewels and traditions of the East thanks to social media platforms like etsy. It’s now possible to trade with the most talented crafters of the world without leaving the comfort of your home. You can also help support suffering countries, like buying leather sandals from Greek etsy shops. Now, it’s important to focus on Nepali products to help people and their craft thrive after the recent disaster.

I spend so much time cultivating an international taste on my etsy account. It’s my way of winding down and learning new things pertaining to my craft. Trading and learning about new cultures and being able to hold a piece of jewelry from the other side of the planet inspires an awesome feeling of interconnectedness. This is what the internet has evolved into and what social media platforms allow us to experience.

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