I was fired from my journalism job ten days into Trump
Lewis Wallace

Hi Lewis,

I just read your blog post and listened to you on Democracy Now! and I hope you can opine on an idea I have. So many of us are scrambling to call, write, text, email, and tweet our legislators right now. Often we’re not getting through. When we sign petitions, we get requests to send money, but we don’t necessarily get answers or action to support the concerns we’re raising. I’ve been wondering if it would make sense to start a campaign to target mainstream media (including NPR) — to start calling, tweeting, texting, emailing the media to demand more ethical reporting in this raging age of alternative facts. And if so, who should we target, which programs, what departments? Where to start? Do you have any suggestions? (I’m afraid I have to scoff at the Marketplace VP who fired you. I don’t believe any of NPR’s programs are unbiased, too much of the organization has been bought by private interests. I also don’t believe we would have this president if the media had been reporting in a fair, unbiased manner this past year.)

Thank you so much for speaking out.

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