Set clear boundaries: The first step is setting clear boundaries with yourself and sticking to them. For me, that self-agreement is often “I’m leaving the office at 6pm, and will only do one hour of work from 9pm to 10.” Make your boundaries clear to your co-workers as well. Discuss this openly with your manager to ensure you have her or his support, and take into account any concerns. There may need to be exceptions to your boundaries, and emergencies can always happen, but it’s good to be explicit about what these situations are, e.g. the site is down, tomorrow is launch day, a teammate needs you to unblock them, etc… That way, you can have a framework for how to decide that something requires your immediate attention. Then, in all other cases, it’s like texting in a movie theater: it can wait!
The mystery of work-life balance
Julie Zhuo

I wish I knew this like 7 years ago, I realized when I left my last career even if I tried to put up boundaries, I would regularly get shut down. This is so important to stick to and tried to switch things up in my last job to make sure I had clearer boundaries (could have done better), and it is always something I am working on. Thanks for writing this, more people need to be reminded of this and I wish someone had told me this (not the case for entering into electoral and issue based campaigns — politics, or even in tech where burnout happens quite frequently).