“We survived Obama.”

I survived Obama because when I got so sick in 2011 that I had to drop out of school, I was able to stay on my parents’ insurance for lifesaving surgeries.

I survived Obama because when I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and was unable to work, I was able to stay on my parents’ insurance until I turned 26.

I survived Obama because of the Medicaid expansion that allowed me to get insured through Medicaid before I aged out of my parents’ insurance. That Medicaid will continue to cover me when I turn 26 later this month.

Trump’s healthcare plan is a death sentence for the programs I and so many others rely on to stay alive. I am legitimately worried that I may not survive Trump.

But okay sure accuse me of being obsessed when I bring it up to remind you of the very real consequences of your vote. Of course I obsess over whether I will be able to afford my living expenses and healthcare.

Don’t you dare, even for a second, excuse me of being unreasonable by worrying when my life and everything entangled within it is at stake.

I don’t have the luxury of intellectual distance from the issue of healthcare. My Crohn’s and treatment control the trajectory of my life. Things that keep me from effective treatments can break me, in ways that will never touch someone who doesn’t even use all their covered preventive care visits. I feel like my survival and well-being are just written off and thrown away like so much garbage so that you can be smug about the tax plan that doesn’t actually help you, and pulling one over on the Liberal Media™. My life and the lives of the 1 in 5 Americans who are disabled are worth more than your selfish satisfaction.

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