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Dear PSM,

I want to thank you. I know that the media doesn’t have a lot of love for you right now, mostly because they don’t realise how many of you are fighting the norm quietly.

It’s a pendulum swing of mean girls under the guise of feminism. So often we blame the person in power for things that weren’t entirely in their control.

You inherited old patriarchal ways of working. …

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Stereotypes need to die a long slow death

Stereotypes are complicated. Many appear so deeply embedded in our psyche, they all but link to our very DNA. The good news is that while it doesn’t feel like it on the micro level of our daily lives, they are changing and in some cases dying the death of a thousand cuts. The bad news is that evolution moves slowly, sometimes so slowly that we don’t notice it.

My parents were the very definition of Blue Collar Stereotypes when I was growing up. Mom was a secretary, Dad a mechanic. It was the 80’s and let’s be clear, they didn’t push any boundaries with the exception of the rare occasion when my dad cleaned the kitchen (to show us how wrong we were all doing it). …


Recently I was asked to honour my personal needs over those of another person. This was a new request. For my entire professional life I have been asked to be flexible, to adapt my message and style to the audience, yet now I was asked to do the opposite? Really?

My needs were allowed to take a place at the front of the line….I have to admit that I was confused. This was new territory. My comfort was important.

Getting comfortable

The trouble with being asked to place myself before another is that I don’t really know how. Now to be clear this wasn’t about “put your gas mask on first” this was more of a conversation around… “actually I DO want the last brownie.”


Erin Burrell

Grad school #Diversity Leader in #technology Passionate about #Mentoring #WomenInTech #TechTalent & a random podcast

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