Add intelligence and connectivity to your product in minutes. MetaWear is a sensor platform powered by Bluetooth, ARM and a simple Android+iOS API.

  • Garry Choy MD MBA

    Garry Choy MD MBA

    Physician / Radiologist / CMO with interest in #HealthIT and #datascience @ Health Tech Venture, Q & previously @ Mass General in Imaging+Innovation

  • Dudepins


    Dudepins is The Site for Men to Discover, Share & Buy everything that’s Manly. It’s where you find the coolest pictures, videos & stuff for Guys.

  • MIT 15.390x

    MIT 15.390x

    @MIT's entrepreneurship and innovation MOOCs taught by @BillAulet and other cool fellas. Tweets, likely, by @erdinb. Well, until he gets fired.

  • KYA


    We take the guesswork out of analytics. Get in touch: social@getkya.com

  • Ian Lucey

    Ian Lucey

    Helping startups happen — edited by Ian Lucey

  • Paul Watson

    Paul Watson

    Web-developer // Remote working CTO for CaliberAI // Formerly [@Kinzen, ChangeX, Storyful, FeedHenry] // Learning to code since 1993 // South Africa // EOF

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