Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has been around for a while now and is much loved. Her album, Storybook, still holds her country roots. But in the three reviews I read, I found three different opinions on her album. One was saying she was still singing in that country style, while another was more doubting in that fact. The third review focused more on how her album was more focused on the power of her voice rather than finesse.

For me, I found that she was still singing her country songs, but only with a added difference. That change was enough of a difference that some were calling out that it wasn’t country anymore. When compared to Taylor Swift, who was one artist that has turned from country to pop, I would say that without a doubt Carrie Underwood was still very much a country singer. Just by listening to her music you can hear that classic country tone that has only been made stronger with the fire in her voice.

That was not the only thing they commented on. They also mentioned on how she changed, from the words of the Rolling Stone review, as a “good girl turned avenging honky-tonk angel.”

Once again there were negative reactions to this. But this change in appearance helps reflect more on her change of topic and the fierceness in her album, The Storyteller.

Besides Underwood should not be limited on what she can and cannot dress as for her singing, or how she sings her music. It was her decision to sing more powerfully in this album and to be more bold doing it. It was also her decision to dress differently. Maybe her style changed was only for this album or maybe it was how she wanted to be seen as from now on. It was always the best decision to not stick a person in a box and say “this is how they will dress and act and they can not ever change that.” That was not the way to go about on how you think of artists, let alone everyday people.

After all, artists change just as we regular people do and so simply changing her appearance does not actually change the person she was in the end. Her small change in persona and singing doesn’t stop the fact that she was still a country singer and all around a normal person. And who knows, maybe after this album she will change back to that ‘good girl’ persona she had been sporting before this one.

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