New Year, New Parking

A few days before school started, the students of Divine Child High School received an email from the school informing them that there would be assigned parking spots for the new year. This was confirmed with the presence of numbered parking spots when the students drove in on Tuesday morning. Some laughed at this, while others such as Charlotte Singer, a senior, said “Well, I don’t have a car, but I think the parking spaces are a good idea because it saves the time of looking around for a space.”

Another student, Courtney Smithon, agreed. “I think it’s a really good idea and I believe it’ll efficiently help avoid bad traffic flow in the mornings before shool and in the afternoons after school!”

Students immediately began complying with the new rule and as of five p.m. on Thursday DC informed the students that all passes were sold out. However, not all students were happy, “Personally, I don’t like the assigned parking because I got a terrible spot — way in the back. I don’t think people will park in their assigned spots in the winter, though.” said Bianca Siedlaczek. Indeed, one wonders how the impact of the snow piles will have on the students abilities to park in their assigned parking spots in the winter.

Then there were the students who hadn’t gotten a parking pass, who now had to park at Levagood Park as stated by the school. This could cause a problem as the park was across the street from the school. The street they were crossing was also a busy street in the mornings and when the school let out in the afternoon. As it was still the beginning of the school year, we can only wait and see how the rest of the school year unfolds with the new parking solution.