The humiliation of the American father
Nina Renata Aron

Where are they now? Well one is in my bed every night getting some because he unloaded the dishwasher without me asking, because he spent an hour helping our 7th grader with his algebra homework, because he saw his life flash before his eyes while driving with our “student driver” 16 yr old daughter, and resisted the urge to saying anything but encouraging words to her. All after a 10+ hr day as VP of product at an intense start-up. Clearly, I’m the luckiest American housewife, 19 running.

He is Phil Dunphey and Don Draper (minus the chain smoking and infidelity). I grew up knowing I wanted to marry a man exactly like Cliff Huxtable…I’m on stairclimber right now, so I’m not googling the spelling of Huxtable. Which brings up another point. The common thread between every husband? Stunningly handsome or morbidly obese? They all have hot, beautiful, never low blood sugar so she’s having a Kylo Ren tantrum directed towards her children or husband, successful wives. Double standard? Don’t get me started on that topic. Moving on.

We didn’t know Bill Cosby would be accused of being a disgusting pervert (I’m still in complete denial, cuz to me, “dad is great…he gives us chocolate cake” will always be my ideal human being) and that Al Bundy would eventually take his hand out from their designated down-his-pants location, quit the shoe store and marry THE hottest Colombian housewife and make something of his life. Way to go “Yay!”

Ultimately this is a public health issue. Children experiencing chronic stress (which I would argue, being in a home without support from a father & mother, father & father, mother & mother…whatever the family dynamic) will experience trauma. Trauma at any level will sooner or later catch up in the form of behavioral problems in school, bullying, teen drinking, drug abuse, suicide, etc., which ends up costing the tax payers billions of dollars a year. On that optimistic note, I’d take the nerdy Phil Dunphey in all his emasculated quirkiness any day.