a series of haiku

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In gentle darkness
genesis again awakes:
crystals form in clouds.

Pointed figures all
fully and uniquely formed.
Perfect disparity.

Yet their mother lets 
them go, and they fall forward
and down from their home.

Cast out from heavens 
above, they cast eyes out at
the world that passes.

All darkness at first but
a light begins to rise, and 
a new world is cast.

Arrays of colors
come forth, and the world does hold
promise and wonder.

But the journey cuts
short, for a block lies firmly
below, unyielding.

The white snow beneath
calls to them, promising a
comforting embrace.

But peace is never
perfect, for to have such peace
sacrifice is made.

Their form, forsaken 
for the piece in the whole, but
what a loss to bear.

The falling flakes wave
their pointed goodbye to the 
rising sun at dawn.

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