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Hi Ronan, 
I am personally not quite sure where you get the reek of “white privilege and air conditioned Brooklyn brownstone living.” It is impossible to address the concerns of all women, and I would never dare try. There are women out there who are much more marginalized than I could ever imagine, and I would never try and given them a voice when they have the ability and power to do that on their own. I am speaking towards the marginality of women in a way that I believe many can relate too, and more importantly, in a way that I understand and have faced.

I did go and take a look at your other comments. It seems that you are solely commenting on pieces with the tag “feminism” and going on to tear those works apart. However, you either criticize them for taking a feminist stance and therefore coming from a place of “privilege” or are tearing them down for being misogynistic in some way. I do not understand what you are trying to do here. From my understanding of the community here on Medium, people try to approach articles and ideas from a positive and helpful place. You are doing neither. I respect that opinions might be had that are different, but there is a way to express those opinions without the negativity. So I have to ask, what is your goal on here? Do you plan on contributing pieces or positive thoughts/ideas, or are you solely here to tear down the work of others?

Thank you for your time,


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