27 Things I’ve learnt at 27

27. The dreaded age that some of our creative greats are immortalized in. Many were in the height of their career, achieving greatness and creative success that at times appear unparalleled. I am that age. Right now. And I can’t help but think, “is this it for me? Is this all I have to give the world?” My achievements pale in comparison to those immortalised in the dreaded “27” blanket. The truth is, I’m still skipping along my path, navigating the obsticles and enjoying the views along the way. So no, there’s still a lot more to give.As a reassurance, if you will, I’ve compiled a list of 27 things I’ve learnt so far. Here goes:

1. Be kind. You are not superior to anyone. You do not know the challenges that someone else is facing. Just be kind. Kindness is currency that weaves its way in favours, smiles and kind words.

2. Not everyone deserves your time. That shit is valuable. (Just don’t be mean about it).

3. Stop complaining. Just stop. No matter how shitty things appear, complaining about them indefinately isn’t going to solve anything.

4. Be honest. Even if what you have to say has the potential to hurt someone’s feelings, or make things awkward/uncomfortable. Find a way to say it that isn’t outright mean, but be truthful. I have gotten myself into too much mess skirting around the truth trying to spare feelings and in the end it ALWAYS makes it worse.

5. Own your weekends. Make them count. Make all your freetime count. Make memories.

6. Follow through. If you’re say you’re going to do something, DO IT. (I’m particularly bad at this — procrastinator of note).

7. Laugh at yourself. Laugh through bad situations. Just laugh.

8. In a world where reading has become a novelty. Read. Read everything you can get your hands on.

9. Dress up. You have your whole life to sit at home in sweat pants. Dress up. Go out. Take Pictures.

10. Weight fluctuates. It’s a thing. Don’t let it define your happiness.

11. Don’t be scared to be vulnerable. Sometimes art/creativity/work or even a conversation requires you to be vulnerable. It’s a brave move.

12. If you like it, eat it. Food is made to be enjoyed. Just unbutten your jeans.

13. Travel. Even if you live like a broke person so that you can travel, do it. It’s an experience that educates and informs.

14. Surround yourself with individuals with a strong sense of self.

15. Give back. In some small way, if you can, give back.

16. Adopt pets, don’t buy them. Everyone deserves to be loved.

17. Walk barefoot as much as you can (except when you’re dressed up of course).

18. Do some form of excercise — not to lose weight, but to simply keep active.

19. Express yourself. Through muisc, art, writing — whatever your medium may be, share your experiences and thoughts, it’s how we learn from one another.

20. Dance. Dance whilst cleaning your house. Dance whilst doing the dishes. Dance when something good happens and stomp your feet when something bad happens. Just Dance.

21. Speak to your family regularly, you don’t want to be speaking to them only when things go wrong.

22. Forgive. Harboring Grudges helps no-one and in the end just makes you feel worse.

23. It’s okay to facebook stalk people who are no longer in your lives — it can be part of the healing process.

24. Forgive yourself. You are not so terrible. I promise.

25. People will Gossip — let them.

26. There is no magic wand that will fix the problems in your life — it takes work, time and dedication.

27. Put your phone down and live.