I really appreciate you wanting to find me a boyfriend. I really do.

But.please.stop.endeavouring to find my ‘future husband’ when we’re out and about, chatting about all the things I get up to, on my own.

On behalf of all of my single friends we’d just like to say ~ we are A ok, promise 👌🏻.

I’m 31 I’m single and ready to Pringle, Netflix and chill.

I do dating, I do tinder, I do all of these things that single people do, because I’d love to share my Pringles with someone, sure. But it’s a small part of the overall life I live today.

Of course having a significant other, a family and all that goes with it is something I will embrace in my life when that thing called timing happens, but can I please say – particularly for our stressed out, sad and lost Single Pringles out there (guilty sometimes, ofcourse)~ that’s mostly all it comes down to. Often the urgency others seem to hold for our future happiness is what causes the most anxiety. Kind of like that deadline past it’s due date, wreaking havoc internally while I assertively smile and nod, ‘Yup, I’m on it boss’. Knowing all to well that the clock is ticking.

We knowwww “they’re out there, somewhere”, well we’re pretty sure, anyway.

Maybe they’ll miraculously appear on the next big adventure we go on?

Or somewhere so low key we couldn’t possibly imagine they’d be there? Could we?

Or we’ll see suggestions to better ourselves

We all know Pinterest has plenty of advice like…..

10 ways to get yourself a man, girllllll’

And the classic

‘Two types of women, men can’t resist’

But we’re not all going to fit in to the ‘are you a Jen or Angelina, type’ are we? (P.s is this analogy still even current?)

Fuck the algorithms and the make over, do over, yogalates and lose weight in under a minute challenges AND FORGET THE no one will love you til you love yourself, bullshit.

That stuff is all good if you’re doing it for that sexy beast staring back at you in the mirror. Do those things for you. Do things that better yourself every day. Just not for someone you don’t know exists yet.

For years we’ve been told to stand up on our own two feet, however the less support we have in doing so the harder it becomes to do~ see the conundrum? I don’t know about you, but I need people in my life EVERY SINGLE DAY. After years of battling myself to be more comfortable on my own, I’ve been very pleased to read less about its benefits and more about our mental well health relying upon these connections, including intimacy and touch (not just sexual, you cheeky little devil).

I thank my beautiful family and friends for the part they play in my life.

I’m certainly not going to say stop looking, because we’ve all been told that’s exactly when they (you know, the one) will pop up, when we least expect it – please, have you’ve ever seen a kid patiently wait for Santa?

I haven’t stopped looking because someone told me to, or fear of missing out all together, it was when I realised no amount of fear of frustration was going to change anything except the joy in my own life and also the joy I have for my loved ones lives who I am sincerely happy to see their worlds blossom. In all honesty what these Relationships have taught me, the ones I aspire to, is that timing and patience will always triumph over fear of being alone.

These aren’t the flawless, filtered perfect relationships either, these are the relationships that are not without tough times but the ones who work through their problems, because they become a family and that’s what families do. It seems to me that it’s not being single that is hard, or being in relationships that is hard, It’s just life is sometimes, and being with your beloveds, who ever they are and however your own family has evolved ~ is important to hold onto and nurtured every day.

So buck up and get yourself a gold class ticket, and take your self to the God damn movies. Go by yourself or with a friend ~ as long as you’re going just for you, no peripheral glances, because it’s dark in there… probably won’t see much any way.

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