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“Everybody Else” by Carbon Tigers

I’ve been sorting through my “old me” stuff…

Old song lyrics and melodies, old journals, old dreams…

I’m finding that in sorting through and visiting with this “old me” stuff again, everything is like new. There’s a memory, certainly, and I’ve changed in so many ways, but still…

These are still MY lyrics. These are still MY melodies, MY journals, MY dreams.

And the woman I am today is not so different from the woman I was before. She’s in here still and is all wrapped up in these layers that have grown since. It’s all beautiful and blooming and … here.

It’s no coincidence that my ma just told me today she found an old box full of pictures I took and stories I wrote as a girl and do I still want these?

YES. Yes I do.

I stumbled across this gem of a song on my old SoundCloud, which I visited yesterday for the first time in over a year. I love how these guys melodically play around the root note, just above it, just below it, tickling it almost. By playing every note around it, they bring your attention to it, the root. And this is perfectly matched in its lyrics: they leave the root or the truth or the message, if you will, for the very last thing they sing: “I am just like everybody else.” These writers do a fantastic job of simply pointing out the humanity in each of us. I love all of it. I even love how in the opening, it sounds like a wind is bringing about this life they are singing about, and it fades in and out. I hope you and all of your old you’s enjoy it as much as we do.



On the first day
 All of this got started
 Got the last name
 Of my father’s father

This riddle gets too hard to solve so I
 leave it on the shelf
 But I am just like everybody else

Pen to paper
 This wish of mine
 Filled an ocean
 And I dive inside
 Then the waves get darker
 And they take me on a ride
 But I’d be floating on my back
 If I could only find the tide

When this riddle gets too hard to
 solve I leave it on the shelf
 I am just like everybody else