I wrote this mission statement to share with my community The Workshop Collective. It’s been a helpful guidepost, so I wanted to share with ya’ll ✌

To support CREATORS* through the process of making and sharing their works and services with the world.

To experiment with ways to MAKE SPACE FOR WHAT MATTERS, in life and in business.

To help our community members build a COMPANY** with confidence and freedom.

And most importantly, to smile big, laugh and BRING JOY to the process. (We all could use a little more of the good stuff!)

Together we…


build on






reflect on

our shared values and highlight the power (the sometimes not yet realized power!) we each have to bring an idea from inside our head, out and into the world.

Welcome To The Collective!

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A Great Big Hello Dear Reader!
and a very Happy New Years!

Speaking of New Years (ps. How is Jan almost already over!?!) — Have you ever noticed how these big calendar milestones seem to cause this extra heavy social push to prove “growth” to yourself and others:

“New Decade, New Me!”
“This is it, I’m finally going Vegan!”
“This is the year, I’m going to send everyone I’ve ever met a Christmas card”
“I’m going to do yoga and meditation every single day goddammit!”
“This is the decade, that Website / Book / Training Video is finally going to get published!”
“I’m going to…

© Erin Michaela

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” — Mary Oliver

If you want to grow your own business — you need to be even more mindful than most when it comes to managing your energy. Why?


1. Your energy to create is infinite, but it requires moments of replenishing. You only have so much available until you need to reset.

2. Everything you say Yes to will require your energy. The more you say…


A favicon is that tiny image (16 x 16 px!) that appears in the top left corner of your browser tab. The word Favicon, comes from “Favorite Icon”. Having a favicon makes it easier for your webpage visitors to identify your site both when moving between open tabs and scrolling through saved bookmarks. A favicon is not required for your site, but it does help you to look more professional! To learn how to create and add a Favicon to your Squarespace website, check out the video and step-by-step guidance below!




Step 1: Choose Your Design Tool

In this tutorial, we used FreeLogoDesign.org to create…

While the superpowers of Squarespace can feel infinite, a handful of their tools require a little extra effort to set up. Tables are one of these things. Tables come in handy when organizing date visually and make it easy for clients and customers to read through information on your website.

For example, we can create a basic table that looks like this:


For some, the task of choosing a domain name can quickly grow from a simple checkbox on your to-do list, into an incredibly daunting decision. After all, this is where people are going to find you on the web! You’re going to post this name all over social media and print it on business cards and share it with your neighbor. It’s like choosing a tattoo! Such a permanent decision…

Fear, not my friend - I’ve got you covered.

We’re going to walk through this post together and by the end, you’ll know:

  1. What is a Domain Name?
  2. Where Can…

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As we welcome in a new season of growth and abundance in nature — I’ve felt the pull to think about growth, abundance, and success in my own life as well.

We all experience some level of pressure to succeed, from our family, friends, coworkers and most importantly, from ourselves. We can all relate to being measured up against someone else’s vision of success. …

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

I was perched over my sink last week eating lunch and looking out the window, a common spot for me when working from home. It was about noon on Wednesday I think, and I was admittedly indulging my ego in a bit of a worry session. All the “what if’s” creeping in and doing their dance, making my stomach tie into knots and landing me in a seemingly immovable place. “What are you doing? Who do you think you are? …

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For most of my life, meditation was this somewhat obscure thing that only hippies did.

I didn’t understand how sitting still and thinking about nothing would help me in any way whatsoever. So, for 20-something years I just shrugged it off; “not for me”.

As a 90’s kid, I grew up around Nickelodeon cartoons, Super Mario Gameboy, playing tag in the yard and, since my mother never purchased these, doing my best to barter on the “Lunch Room Trading Floor” to get my hands on the ever coveted rainbow sprinkle Dunkaroo’s. I was mostly unsuccessful. Despite my lack of sugar-infused package snacks, life was pretty good.

When I look at things now, I feel like…

Erin Michaela

Website Design, Organic Growth & Community Support For Wellness Leaders. Say hi to your intuition, jump in the pool and do the thing! www.theworkshops.co

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