I Think We Got Disconnected…

I look down at my phone and see the words: “You’ve got 5 new connections”

We live in the “connected world”. But what exactly are we connected to?

We (myself included) get such a high from the hunt for those golden digital connections; our Instagram followers , Snapchat groupies and Facebook friends. But when was the last time we connected with each other? When was the last time you made a real human connection? I’m not talking about a “Hi, nice to meet you. Let’s high five and go on with our day” connection. I mean a true relationship with someone. A relationship that has depth. Something with a positive and meaningful influence.

Or maybe we move inwards one step further — when was the last time that you connected with yourself? A real check-in. A nice long pause and a big deep breath.

5 minutes of chill, zen, calm mental space to ask yourself: “So how are things going Self? How am I feeling? Am I tired? hungry? Where to I feel tense? Where do I feel relaxed?”

Whatever the answers are, you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to move anything. Just notice them. There’s no need to jump into action, just ease into something that makes you feel good. Shrug some weight off of those shoulders. Listen to what your body is telling you. Then take another deep breath and go about your day.

Our digital connections are shallow; in a lot of cases they are fleeting and temporary. They can’t compare to the connections we make with our friends, families, loved ones, and most importantly ourselves. Your relationship with yourself runs deep and is powerful.

Don’t let the ocean dry up in pursuit of a few puddles, if you know what I mean…

Cheesy metaphors aside: take time and make space for the real world, you can start with a big deep breath and 5 minutes.

Keep it breasy,