(Without One Mention of Bitcoin)

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Blockchain is being talked about a lot right now. But putting hype aside, what is blockchain? Blockchain is an open distributed ledger technology that represents a brand new type of application infrastructure and is largely thought by many to be the next big business disruptor because of its perceived democratizing potential.

As a software developer, blockchain was just an annoying buzzword to me until I took a little time to get past the jargon and the cryptocurrency craze to learn the basics of the technology. Let’s walk through some of the technical components of a blockchain (fun stuff like digital…

Site search is one of those features that can kill your application’s UX if it’s poorly implemented or returns results that aren’t relevant. In building out a Rails web app as a hackathon project (think Yelp for financial resources), I wanted to add search functionality. I decided to experiment with Algolia since their website spoke my language: “Forget the complexity of search”

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They aim to make search a great experience for your users by returning instant, relevant results, but also for you, the developer, with intuitive documentation and a helpful dashboard for visualizing your search records and analytics. They also…

As a computer programming bootcamper who’s been gathering advice on how to secure that coveted post-bootcamp developer or software engineer job, I’ve seen the following suggestion more than a few times: “contribute to open source software.”

That suggestion is quite the imposter syndrome trigger for someone who’s just getting started writing her own applications, and is still a Github novice. But, as programmers-in-training, we learn that large, overwhelming problems can be broken down into small, manageable tasks that lead you incrementally toward the end goal.

We also learn that if you’re not sure how to accomplish a task — Google…

Erin Morrissey

Developer, designer, observer, oyster lover. Not always in that order.

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