The Boy Who Lived

And the woman who saved me

Harry Potter is known throughout the world. It has been translated into countless different languages and is loved and cherished by adults and children of all ages. But it effected me in such a way that I will never ever forget and Harry Potter will always remain as a part of me.

I picked up this book when I saw my friend’s mother of 50-odd years reading it. Back when the first movie, had come out. I thought that it must be pretty good if a woman of that age is so immersed in a book. I immediately fell in love with it.

It brought to light almost every point of all my personality traits. I learned from Hermione that it’s ok to be the bookworm. Luna showed me that it’s all right to not like the same things as others and not look like everyone else. The Weasley twins taught me that there’s nothing wrong with leaving it all to go do your own thing. Neville revealed that bravery is in each of us. Snaps taught us that love is both beautiful and painful. Harry showed me that dedication and perseverance will make you triumph in the end, but it’s a long hard road to get there. I could go on for each character because each is a true work of art, but I’d be here all day.

During one of my more devastating times of my life, (when I was at the lowest in a creative sense, physically, and emotionally low), I stumbled across a film on Netflix called Magic Beyond Words: the JK Rowling Story. I discovered that Joanne “Jo” Rowling (aka: JK Rowling) had written Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone during a rough row with finding work and while going through a divorce and raising her first child. She too was in a bad place, but no matter what she never gave up on her art…her book.

Even when finishing the book she never gave up when it got several rejections from publishers. She just brushed herself off and said “Next!”

Someone gave her a chance, a real gamble, and it took time to find that person who believed in her, and as we all know the rest is history.

Knowing that she went through all that and succeeded gave me encouragement, hope, and strength to keep going even when I was in the brink of poverty and being homeless again and all I had was my art. I pulled myself out of my sadness and pushed forward with my art in hand.

So from the bottom of my heart I owe my strength to continue to push forward with my art at one of my darkest times to the wizarding world of Harry Potter and the wonderful woman Jo Rowling.

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