Chimney Liner Installation

Although installing a chimney liner might be something you’d like to do, that doesn’t mean that it is something that you should do. Here we will take a look at chimney relining as a DIY project, and help you determine whether to go ahead and do it yourself or call in a chimney liner installation professional.

Is Chimney Liner Installation a DIY Project?

Whenever there is a home improvement or remodeling task at your home, determining if it is a problem you can solve is a good idea. When you choose to DIY, you eliminate stress and hassle, not to mentionsave yourself quite a bit of money. Some projects are perfect for a DIY’er; however, this isn’t the truth for all projects. Chimney liner installation is one such project that is probably not the task for anyone without plenty of experience.

Why Liner Installation isn’t a DIY Project

Chimney liner installation is not a task for the DIY’er. Although some would like to think they can handle the project, only a professional should be given those honors. There are a number of steps that must be completed for the installation of the liner, and the average person is unable to handle these tasks. Several tools are also needed to install a liner. These tools may be unavailable to some individuals. The first steps in liner installation are cleaning the flue of the chimney. An inspection camera is needed after the flue has been cleaned, as you’ll need to locate the mortarjoints in order to add the liner. The proper size liner must be chosen for installation, and there’s only one way to get the right size which is to measure. Again, measuring the size of your chimney/ flue isn’t an easy task if you’re not experienced or equipped with the right tools for the job.

The old tile liners must be removed. Once again, this is a task that takes time and knowledge. If you haven’t done it before, chances are good that you’ll cause further damage if you do it yourself. Now, after reading this wouldn’t you agree that a professional chimney repair expert would be the best for the job? And we’ve not even talked about the dangers of DIY! Carbon monoxide poisoning is one danger of working on a chimney or a flue, and there is always a risk of fire. There are tons and tons of other DIY projects to tackle; but maybe it is best to consider this one off-limits. There is far too much at risk to take any chances.

Choosing a Liner Installation Professional

Take the time to research the company you will hire before signing any contractor or making a commitment. There are many liner companies out there, but not all will provide the same dedication and service you desire. When you research, you’ll increase the odds of finding a brilliant company that won’t do you wrong. Look for a company that offers experience. Chimneys are no easy task to clean, repair, or upgrade to the untrained eye, and sometimes even professionals find it difficult. Look for an experienced company to make things a bit more comfortable for you. Does the company have references? Any good company should be able to provide the names and telephone numbers of at least 3 people whom you can contact for information. Also make sure that the company is licensed. Working with a company without a license is a set-up for big problems that you don’t want to experience. Competitive pricing is a demanded quality of a good liner installation professional. Make sure that you request estimates and compare with several companies in the area before hiring. Use the web to visit websites and read reviews, which are also helpful in finding a great company.

Final Thoughts

Don’t take any chances with your safety or health, and don’t attempt to add a liner to your chimney on your own. It is too risky! Instead, take the time to research and find a chimney professional company in the area to perform the task.

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