We Can Be Ghosts Now

I saw you today. The dangers of isolation.

When I tasted your air I couldn’t return.

The smell of a mattress on the floor, the radio plays in the

distance of a parked car –

Seduction like white noise, the facelessness of desperation

You sat on the hood of my car and said, you can hear the night

like a sob, falling, magnetized

a tantrum

queasy from waking

You were a sight who’s stars looked right back.

Now I leave the porch light on

to burn you off in ghost refracted wafts

so I won’t be lead to reflections

when I saw you today I was refracted

streaked beams and weak knees

You have tick marks down your ribs, the knife of careless

cure-alls, I am bleary eyed, toked, tripped, rolling

you give me a tour of your house, out of breath

the mood is black, confusion wicks at the windows

I came over to show you true barrenness –

We smoke for hours in the dark, from the ceiling I look at the kick in the wall

muffled heaving from the grow room in the basement

in the shadows your neck is tight and frigid

I eat pine needles, half-naked muttering

this love has no hands, fingers or toes.

so when I saw you today, I fell into that underpass again.

I saw wings circling a cliff,

too inebriated to barter with smoke

what is left of this town

sullied by the regime of

it’s own ghosts?

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