I was never raped, but when I was 11, the son of a family friend copped a feel whenever we were…
Zelda Pinwheel

I was never raped, but in middle school I had a friend who was bullied constantly. When I became her friend, the innuendo directed at both of us implied things I didn’t understand at the time. I knew it was sexual and I knew that I couldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing that they’d hit home or that I didn’t understand. I didn’t tell anyone at the time. Some of that taunting happened under the eyes and ears of teachers.

I was never raped, but when I got my period in grade 7 at school, there was a group of boys who spent the next several years making sexual jokes about it.

I was never raped, but in grade 12 a boy at school had a conversation with me, and then wrote a song saying he’d like to fuck me. It didn’t use my name but he told everyone who it was about. The whole school knew about it, most of them before I did. I was considered a prude for being offended by it, and for inviting the writing of the song to begin with.

I was never raped, but I’ve never been out to a bar or nightclub without some female friends along with me, at least one of whom was not planning to drink, for all our sakes.

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