NIW. Monday: Trash.

Early morning Fumble: This morning I went to campus before my 10a.m. & forgot my reusable water bottle! URG. I was so thirsty, (due to birthday festivities the night before) I got a cup of water from the cafe. I know very shameful BUT it was free, I did not use a lid or straw, it was recyclable & I brought it home with me to use for the rest of the day. So slightly makes up for my fumble, right?

Reflecting: Looking at the trash I have accumulated so far…the only thing I have spent more than 10 minutes with is my fumble cup from this morning. New items added today: my fumble cup, 2. one-day contacts lenses, 1. box of Trader Joes’ Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese. I guess maybe my Mac & Cheese too because it took 25 min to cook. I still have to make dinner & I am undecided about what to make. I have baby potatoes & stuff to make arugula salad, BUT I also have another TJ’s pre made dinner…sun dried tomato & goat cheese tortellini. So I am conflicted because TJ’s would mean more waste in my bag. Hm. this is the first time the consequence of the amount of trash I could make, might stop me from TJ’s tortellini. That’s interesting.

Already Good Habits: I already use reusable Starbucks cups for my coffee & my reusable water bottle/bag so hahha!

Future Challenge: “Stop making trash.” When drying dishes or my hands I use kitchen towels, however my love paper towels over a towel for eating is a tricky habit to kick. As well as, I wear contacts that I can’t reuse more than a day or my eyes will turn bright red-__- I know I can wear my glasses but when it rains I can’t see & I hate working in them & I DO work tomorrow. & that is the other dilemma, my work is too far to walk & the bus only gets so close & does not run when I get off. Of course Tuesday is Transportation Day, the only one out three days I actually use my car. I walk to school! Hmm do I have any other excuses that are making me feel guilty for even typing out loud? Not that I can think of at the moment.

To be continued I suppose.

Five Things I’m Grateful For: 1. My two older sisters (since it’s national siblings day for the eighth time this yr. today but our group message is alive & well always) 2. Phone conversations with my Dad (had a very nice one today, they are not too often which makes them more special I think) 3. Graduation is so soon (ordered my cap & gown today) 4.Talks with my roommate (had a nice chitchat about mental health with her while she wii zumba’d today) 5. My Vintage Denim Jacket (it’s the perfect softness I’m wearing it rn, it might as well be a sweatshirt)