NIW.Saturday: Giving Back.

Make a list all the ways you can contribute to the community now: I use to volunteer every summer & winter for parks & rec district back home for kids and adults with special needs up until last summer, because I had to stay here for summer school & I miss it very much, for seven years. I would like to get back to it again but taking 18 credits now & working 30 hours a week makes it next to impossible. When I was working with parks & rec I had my summers off but last summer & unfortunately next summer I will be doing 18 credits again & working still.

Three Charities I’d like to work @: YMCA, Hilyard Community Center, Boys & Girls Club. I really like working with kids my schedule may be less hectic this summer but currently it is class until 3:50p.m. then work by 4p.m. until 9p.m. or 10p.m. 4 times a week.

Sign up for something. Signed up for Trail Maintenance for Hendrix Park (one of my favorite places)

How do you feel?: It feels good. I visited Hendrix last weekend & was bummed seeing so many trees that had fallen over from winter. I am happy I get to help one of my favorite places. Working in the service industry, I just spent 7+ hours giving back to people. What grinds my gears is when people don’t treat me don’t myself & my coworkers as people cause we are. It can really get you down. It is not everyone. Even when I am not working, I feel compelled to hold the door open for strangers & have to constrain myself to NOT bus a table I’d like to sit at.

5 Things I’m Thankful For: 1. My journal 2.PayDay was today 3. I didn’t late night snack last night 4. The sun was out today 5. That I got off work pretty early