NIW.Wednesday: FOOD.

Calculate Carbon Footprint from what you ate yesterday: I was feeling lazy yesterday…so my breakfast did not include my usual open faced egg sandwich, as described in my earlier post, instead it was frozen Signature Kitchen blueberry waffles with Marionberry Jelly (my weakness). I bought the waffles in bulk because they are cheap. I just checked & they are not local but from Pleasanton, CA. But I assumed my Marionberry Jelly was local because I hadn’t known about Marionberries until I moved to Oregon but…they are from Seattle, Washington. I feel like I’ve betrayed the state I live in! I make Pete’s coffee roast at home which is from Berkeley, CA. I love Pete’s & CA (born there & what not). Then I did not eat until I got off work & had yummy carnitas tacos. My restaurant gets their meat from Long’s Meat Market which is here in Eugene. Phew. Then we make our corn tortillas in house. I can definitely switch out my waffles, jelly, & coffee for locally grown products.

Define your own Limits: Due to stress with projects & work during last quarter, I was not eating as healthy as I should be. This quarter I have promised myself to eat better & make more time for yoga. For this week, not purchasing new items will be pretty simple since I won’t be getting my paycheck until Monday. Also I plan on choosing healthier options: for my next two shifts @ work(no chips, tortillas, or rice!), more greens, & no late night snacks.

Challenges: I can’t be vegan. I live off eggs & I just love meat. Most of my meat intake is only @ work (which is local!).

My bad habits: I crave sweets @ night, I like salt on everything, & too much caffeine.

5 Things I’m Grateful For: 1. My new knowledge of coding (everyone should learn) 2. All the uses of coconut oil (makeup remover, chapstick, put in my coffee & tea) 3. My new pretty journal (it’s leather & the side of the pages are gold) 4. My sister’s artistic ability 5. My room (I have pictures, posters, & hung christmas lights…it feels like my cave)