I’ve Been Where You Are!

Ok, so if you were on the east coast lets be honest. We had a crappy winter. Whereas the rest of the country seemed to have a pretty good one. Either way, Spring, and summer are coming. I know, believe me I know the anxiety you get,

“OMG I have to put on a bathing suit!”

I know the 3 sides of this time of year.

The feeling of “There is NO way can I wear a two piece, but I’ve always dreamed of feeling comfortable enough to wear one.” from being 136 in my early teen years and was told I was fat and would never be pretty, by my father no less.

But I also know this side,

“I look too thin, my bones stick out and people are going to think I have a problem, I’m just avoiding anything where I have to unclothe.” I was anorexic at this time of my life 93 lbs, I was skin and bones.

I thought everyone was judging me all eyes in the world were only judging me I was too fat, I was too thin. Well it only changed when I was ready to take care of myself and not waste all my time worrying about what everyone else might be thinking

I am now in this place: “I look FRACKING AWESOME! Kiss my cutie patootie world because I don’t give a hoot about what you think!!!”

I know you want to be in the 3rd category whether it means your rocking your curves, lost weight, toned up. Well I know I know I can help you get you to that place, I know I can!

My partner Jacque and I are starting our 2 weeks Free Searching for the Summer Body Group starting on March 12th! Let us help you find yourself this year! We will supply you with the tools for two weeks, workouts, nutrition help, some fun and most important support!

Please fill out the form below and leave a comment to let us help you find the person you want to be for Summer!


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