The Light Will Come After The Darkness

When I get asked why I became a Beachbody Coach I simply say, family. My family is the most important thing to me in the world. I would go to hell and back again for them. In fact, we have.

We have been a struggling family since I became disabled back in 2006. Randy has been supporting us off of a mechanic’s income since then. If you know how a mechanics pay works, it’s flat rate. This means Randy get paid per job so an oil change may pay half an hour… So his paycheck depends on if a good job comes in the door. This means he could work for 14 hours and only make 3 hours of work!

Randy has had to job hop from mechanics shop to shop to follow where the money is. We were living on our own for a good 6–7 years until Randy lost his job back in 2014. We were so happy where we were living in York PA. Randy was commuting the hour drive back and forth from PA to MD and back twice a day and there were some days he slept in his car because he was too tired to drive home. Randy and I did grow apart from the constant distance between us. I felt like a single mother since he was home one day a week.

We were surviving even though it was a hard life, that is until Randy lost his job. I have never been so scared in my life. We had a cushion for a few months living off of our savings but it took Randy longer than we thought to find a job. He was doing the odd jobs to make a few bucks here and there, but not enough. When our savings ran out we lived with barely anything. There were times the power was shut off, groceries were hardly affordable, and I was crying myself to sleep every night. We sold almost everything we had, including the cars, some of the belongings and jewelry that was from my Mom and Dad. Anything to make sure we could care for Sammy.

Randy and I started to sleep in separate rooms. Finally, one day when Randy was at one of those random jobs there was a knock at the door. It was the landlord saying we had to leave. My world seemed to fall out from under me. She was amazing as she could be about it, but she worked for a company that wanted their money and they wanted it now or we had to leave. This was when we had to move to the in-laws.

Things were ok at first, but we are all too different to live happily together and Randy, Sammy and I started keeping to ourselves to avoid any confrontation while under their roof. It was around this time that we realized I was pregnant with Owen. Randy had also got a better job by now, and this was the time that I started getting very depressed being trapped in a place I was unhappy. When Randy started to bring in money he knew I needed a purpose something to fight for.

My Coach was live one day on FB and started talking and answering questions. I had seen he was a part of Beachbody and as you may know using Beachbody programs are what started my fitness journey and my fight against my chronic pain! So I asked him about being a Coach for I had wanted to do this since the start of my fitness journey. And even though my coach was famous he took the time to answered my questions.

Mentioning this to Randy, he knew this is what I needed. The purpose that would make me whole and help me survive mentally in the situation we were currently stuck in. He knew I needed to pay the hardships that we had lived through forward buying helping others and fitness and health was what I was born to do!

Things started to change after a few months of Coaching. I dove hard into personal development and discovered things about myself I never knew. I learned that I was much much stronger than I thought that I ever was. I started to meet new people and make friends. I started to help others and the feeling was so so amazing.

Things started to change between Randy and me, we grew close again and reignited the passion we had once had. Then I had Owen and I was all the more focused to help others change their lives. Owen is now 5 months old and I have grown a second family of people who I have taken under my wing.

And you know what? By showing compassion and love for my extended weight loss family I have also helped my own. We have been able to start saving again and we even see a time in our near future when we can move out on our own again!

Despite all the bad that we had suffered the light wouldn’t have surfaced without it. Without the loss of everything, I wouldn’t have found my purpose with Beachbody which was found from Sammy! And without the darkness, I wouldn’t have had Owen now!

If you are struggling through your own hardships, depression, darkness just know if you hang on long enough the light will always be there the guide you out and make you stronger!

Please if you know of someone who is going through hard times, share my story, it may give them the hope to fight through!

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