Newcastle for me was not only educational but also really fun. It allowed me to talk to the people within my specific course more but also meet new people doing interior design. We had two briefs for the day that were given to us before we went, brief one; little people, big city. We had to take a small figure such as lego or a small Eiffel Tower and throughout the day had to take pictures of the figure in Newcastle but it had to make a point about todays society. Brief two; small space, big impact. We had to find a spot in Newcastle which was not being used by anything, take a picture of the space and come up with an interaction that can in some way can make life better for those around, however it was confined to a space of 1m x 1m. Both of these briefs seemed quite easy when we were told about them but when we were walking around it actually made you think hard and they were not quick tasks you could complete within 5 minutes, you were thinking about them throughout the whole day.

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