T shape Collage

This is a collage shaped like a T. Along the top features things that are not within product design but I like and am inspired by. Down the stem of the T, I have included products I like and use for inspiration.

Along the top I have included graphic designers, fashion, architecture, painting but also the TV programmes, movies and shoes I like, all of these things inspire me.

I have just included films and tv programmes that I really like such as War Horse and Stranger things, but I have included these two in particular because of their amazing effects used within them, especially stranger things. I also love the theatre version of War Horse, how they have created the horses and the set design.

Going down the T shape there is different products; furniture, cars, domestic appliances. But I want to go into more detail about the Alice Reins seen at the bottom left corner this is a product for horse riders who have difficulty holding the reins which control the horses head. I found out about this product as there is a boy at my yard who is disabled: he only has 2 fingers and a thumb which makes it difficult for him to hold the reins as he can’t grip them properly, they just slip through his hands. But I realised he had these Alice reins which have ready made loops that he can hold onto. I love this product as I have seen first hand how helpful it is for this little boy but also how it gives him the chance to do what he loves without any difficulty, I also love it as it is so simple, they haven’t overcomplicated it they have designed it to fulfill its purpose.

I also love the tree trunk bench by Jurgen Bey as it such an amazing idea. Instead of cutting down a tree, putting it through the process of shaping, sanding and polishing it, leave it in its original form. Put a few backs from chairs into the tree trunk and you have a bench. It’s amazing how simple a design it is but it sticks with you as it is so unique.

The popsocket is a very weird product I came across but I love and use personally. It sticks onto the back of your phone and when you want to use your phone you can pop it out and put your fingers around it and it gives you extra support. I have small hands so I struggle to reach the top corners of my phone if I’m just using one hand but with a popsocket it just gives me that extra support. It is another product that is so simple but I love it because its also quirky.