Reflections on developing a workshop series

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Overview of a Google Earth Engine workshop series

Good teaching benefits from awareness of both of yourself and the people you are trying to teach. Learning new knowledge and skills is personally challenging. Teaching can be even harder as it introduces other people. Their learning becomes the main target. You need to be able to adjust your approach and understand where and when pivoting is necessary.

All this is great. You know something. You get really excited about it. Other people want to learn it. You teach them. It goes awesome.

That’s the ideal.

Joy, commitment and grief are shared

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Tarsis. Making the most of his last afternoon in the sunshine by the river with his family, May 27, 2020 (Photo by Erin Trochim).

This is a story of all the things in life: love, ritual and death. A series of united choices. And a husky, who was the best dog.

Tarsis had no time for regret in our decade long relationship. He was happy, or he made his point. He refused to accept criticism. It wasn’t an effective direction. Our relationship was not love at first sight. It took time to work out each other’s language. Tarsis always had a reason. He was the living embodiment of his husky ancestors, doing what they wanted to do since forever. And yet he did everything that I ever asked once he understood the purpose. …


Erin Dawn Trochim

Arctic researcher || Husky wrangler || Skijorer || Hygge professional ||

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