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The latter, indeed, command is unnecessary, as the price NoYDIR could be given to the first, if not recognized and is not related other search engines.. Other useful meta tags There are many other meta tags that may be used for technical optimizing a website, other general and other highly specialized, but all with much less importance and gravity of the description tags and detectors. The most important of them are discussed below Translation Tag When the Google search engine understands that the content of a page is not It is written in the language that the user may or may wish to read. Depending on the preferences of the Google account language, or parent language specified by the connection provider often offers an additional link under the description of the effect, for an automatic translation of the page. In Generally, in this way the possibility of the administrator of the page is given to address the unique content of this page in much larger numbers of users, and at worst no impact negatively the performance of a specific site.

But there are cases where this is not desired. By assigning the value no translate attribute in specialized Google the meta tag, the administrator prohibits engine Google to provide this translation association s website. According to sentersoft technologies seo company Google s engineers, the Using this tag does not affect the ranking of positive or negative sites. Label verification Google Webmaster occupation This is a specialized occupation verification tag a site tools for webmasters. The value of the attribute content is given by the Google Account Webmasters of site manager.

This is the only meta tag that has sensitivity to lowercase and uppercase sentersoft technologies seo company characters case-sensitive. Redirect Tag This meta tag sends the user to a URL, after a certain time, and it is commonly used as a simplified non proposed, compared with the, as will be discussed in the next capital form of redirection. This form of redirection is not supported by all browsers and may confuse the user, possibly damaging and the experience of the website. It even with the W C, characterized as disapproved technical fail over W C,. Association website Tags With face book Today, more and more companies are operating on the Internet, dealing with social networking sites social networking.

The most popular medium is as face book, currently used by companies for reasons promotional products and services, customer service local business seo company feedback from consumers, advertising events and activities and, most importantly, communication the target group of these. For interconnection purposes on a site with the respective official face book page and validation of this occupation, just as with the webmaster central account for the proper use of face book Insights tools.

The following tags are used The values of the argument admins and paged identified by the Panel administrator control account face book, when completing the process website link to the face book page, with the first argument to the identity each of the managers and the second identifying the page. As it seems in the example above, we can state the adoption of all necessary standards, along with that for HTML XHTML syntax and the standard of face book.

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