I am determined to set aside an hour to get some much needed work done. I plan ahead, I write down said hour on my calendar. I am resolute, 2–3pm today is my work time. An hour of pure devotion in which I will be so productive I will amaze even myself.

2pm comes, the hour is here. I sit down at my workspace with my tools; laptop, notebook, pens, drink. I open up a fresh document and begin to write…a few minutes in I wonder, did I remember to respond to that person who emailed me yesterday? Maybe I should open Gmail real quick and just make sure. Oh look, I forgot to respond, I’ll just whip up a quick reply…as I am doing that I notice a new social media notification or six are in my inbox. 2 of them or from my mother but the other 4 could be super important or life changing…I should check those out just to be sure.

After clicking on the link in one of the notification emails and getting into Facebook I notice I have a new friend request at the top of the screen. Well I cant just let that go now can I, what if some poor person is waiting with baited breath to see if I will be their (internet) friend? After clicking on the friend request I see it is someone who I don’t think I recognize at all and should probably just decline, but curiosity gets the better of me and I click on their profile to learn everything and more about them to see why on earth they could have possibly FB friended me in the first place.

Meanwhile because I opened good old Facebook to just check my notifications real quick, it alerted the inter-webs that I am online and prime for all kinds of chit-chatting on messenger with everyone else out there who is probably trying just as hard as me to get some serious work done. In the little blue speech bubbles come… “How are you doing?”, “Did you see that such and such did such and such?” “Do you have a Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Lentil, Sugar, Egg, Nightshade, Spice free recipe I could use for this upcoming occasion?” I open Pinterest and start checking my “recipes with nothing in them” board to try and give my friend an idea or two.

And then it hits me. Oh no! what have I done? Get back to work NOW I say to myself. I close down Facebook and Gmail and Pinterest and go offline and open my document back up. As I am doing all of this I happen to glance up at the time. It says 2:55pm