Modeling the Star Trek Discovery Badge

A behind the scenes look at creating badges from Star Trek

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Final badge design rendered in SOLIDWORKS

Growing up with a dad who is a huge Star Trek fan, and being a science fan myself, I have always had an affection for all the Star Trek series. With all of the comic con news coming out about the new series, I decided now was a perfect time to do a fun Star Trek cosplay modeling project! I took a stab at free-handing the commanders badge from the new Star Trek Discovery series in SOLIDWORKS.

Get a behind the scenes look at a time lapse of my modeling process below! Want to 3D print the final badge for yourself? You can download my model for free here.

More of a Star Trek Voyager fan? (my favorite Star Trek series. Go Janeway!) I have also modeled the combadge from Voyager that is available for download here.

Want to see more behind the scenes videos like this? Subscribe to my Youtube channel and comment below what you want to see modeled! Live long and prosper.

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Scicomm specialist for the International Space Station. B.S. Mechanical engineering. Covering intersections of STEM and creativity. Views are my own.

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