I once sent an email to an individual in the corporate office of my employer, then told my…
Charlie Rook

I don’t understand this mindset that, no matter what you do, someone else is obligated to pay your bills. It’s so arbitrary as to be non-sensical, if you choose to take the path of least resistance or if you choose a career path that severely limits your job options then of course your pay should be commensurate. Why does an employer “owe” you when someone else will happily take the job for less money? Making more money is dead simple, obtain skills that employers are willing to pay more for and aggressively market yourself for advancement.

Supply and Demand is the most efficient mechanism ever devised for determining the value of any given thing , it’s built into human nature and you cannot legislate it away, it will only find another way to flow around any obstacle.

You must take charge of your own life and not wait or demand that others adjust to fit your wants/needs.

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