My Sojourn as an Application Developer

My Sojourn as an Application Developer

Erisan Olasheni
Mar 25, 2018 · 3 min read

It all happened like a theater play, when I began to realize the presence and potentials of programming creativity in me. 7 years ago, I had been into been into playing around with Google Sites, a one time application to build collection of web pages, developed by Google. Google sites really helped my intuition a lot, I got the pictures and understanding of how a website should look, through trials and errors with this tool. The interest began to grow in me, no support from the parents because both does not have interest in this newly emerged computer related job of a thing. Tell your parents you want to become an “Application Developer”, and they ask you “What are you developing — An estate?”; that was how it was then.

Facebook! That website of the century has really played an important part in making my dreams come true as a Web Developer. Facebook’s popularity has made me wondered how it had came into existence, is it by some genius aliens from the Planet Mars? This thought kept pondering my mind until I discovered that there is a way to build a website like this, that’s interesting to know, and I started working towards it.

During my JSS3 holidays, I learned basic HTML codes. As at my SSS1 class, I became a professional HTML coder. I was so obsessed with web design and by then with no doubt I know I am on the right way to my future.

Even without a computer, I was able to learn CSS, JavaScript and PHP on my own. My first live project was launched in 2015, being my project, I made sure I spent much of my skills and knowledge obtained so far. TulzMasterz was great in its time as it was the first known complete Web Development tutorial website in Nigeria.

I got myself into Python in 2017, that was when I was lucky to get invited for the Foo Bar Python challenge by Google. A challenge that tests your skills and ability in programming algorithms and data structures, by attempting to solve world problems which has been set by Data Scientists. This challenge gives you an opportunity to get recruited to Google Inc. I was able to get to Level 3 of 5 where I wasn’t able to make it anymore, this I think was because I was new to Python. I later became a regular Python developer.

Lots of works has been done so far after TulzMasterz, including Weblogy, 9jaspot,, Vestub and more other projects for the clients. I have worked as a Senior Web Developer and Instructor at Rotman Technologies, and also as a Lead Developer and Instructor at KJK.COM.NG. I also built a good working experience with foreigners through freelancing which I currently do. My portfolio can be found here:

The Adventure continues …

Erisan Olasheni
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