Guys we need to talk about women in STEM

Do not take women for granted

I see that there is some sexism and misogyny in STEM. Women like me have survived by learning to grow a thick skin. Not all organizations suffer from this, thank goodness. It seems to be a common theme on blogs and forums and Hacker News.

It seems some organizations don’t really have a good way to attract talented women into applying for jobs. What was it Pax? You spend as much time thinking about how to hire unicorns as you do in hiring women? I think you were just joking or trolling there. Women aren't men, and most of the STEM hiring targets men and not women. If you do this, you organization will suffer due to lack of diversity.

Talentless women, they are usually hired via tokenization. If you hire a woman based on her looks and nothing else, most of the time you are hiring a talentless woman. A token woman hired to avoid discrimination lawsuits of not hiring enough women. Talentless women are also hired because they lack skills and experience and are willing to work for lower salaries. This happens a lot and it makes it look like women are paid less than men because of it. You hire a talentless woman who lacks a STEM degree or experience in STEM. You find out she cannot program or do any other basic IT tasks, so you assign her to a blog as ‘Technical Evangelist’ to promote your products and services. Then this looks bad for the women who have talent, but are not hired because they would be paid a higher salary.

Women should not be discouraged from working in STEM careers because some man asked her to “Go make me a sandwich.” or some buffoon made a ‘Titstare’ app or ‘Jerkoffmeter’ and it offends some feminist blogger and then she goes into misandry mode and just bashes all men in STEM with a broad brush stroke. Most likely she is some ‘Technical Evangelist’ who lacks any STEM talent at all. If it wasn't for stuff like that, she’d have nothing to blog about. A Talented woman always has a witty comeback for stuff like this. “Go make your own sandwich.” “There is a Subway down the street, I strongly suggest you buy a sandwich from there.” “This app has little to no market except to frat boys and immature men.” sounds about right.

Feminism was invaded by radical feminists in the 1960's, the so called feminazis as they are called. They want females to become superior to everyone else. They don’t want equal rights for all genders, just females. We have entered a post-feminist age now, and are in the age of the humanist in which a humanist wants equal rights for everyone, not just one group. many secular humanists, atheists, etc are humanists as well as some religious people as well.

We have entered the no-negative age, with a zero tolerance on negatism. If you talk negative about something, you are automatically a crackpot, crazy, troll, and of course ignored. Everything has to be positive for the status quo to work. Anything found to be negative is automatically ignored and of course censored and banned. Speak out against NSA warentless wiretapping and domestic spying and NSA backdoors in Windows and major websites? Crackpot! Speak out against government corruption and ties with Wallstreet? Crackpot! Want to write about how good a job the NSA does or the US government and Wallstreet, insta frontpage! Yet women get a free pass by writing about negatism about men in STEM, and when women are found to be doing something wrong in STEM, the person is a crackpot?

Female bullies are about the worst kind of bullies you could face. No they won’t give you a knuckle sandwich and take your lunch money. They will lie, cheat, and steal as well as manipulate people with emotions, and social engineering. They will gossip and ruin careers with lies. They will use a rope ladder to get to the top in an organization and then pull it up to avoid any other women to get ahead. They will sabotage any woman who has better talents and skills than they have so they won’t get promoted. Management usually encourages this type of behavior to keep most women in their place. It really needs to end to create equality in STEM careers.

I think that women should be encouraged to learn STEM skills and talents and earn degrees in the field. They need mentors and help at times. Sometimes they need counseling when times get tough. If men are being sexist or misogamist, women need to know that it is not accepted in the organization, society, community, or STEM fields. There needs to be more done about this, but bashing men is not the way to do it.

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