The real reason why most women don’t study STEM

I’m different, if someone tells me I am not able to do something because of my gender, I know I can do it. This is the way that public schools have treated girls since the 1970s. You can see proof of it that in the 1950s and 1960s women excelled at STEM and worked as operators and programmers with computers. Many women were great at math and science. The Women’s Lib came along and in 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed that gave women and other groups equal rights. Then Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal. We made a lot of progress.

The problem is Women’s Lib was a social movement that looked down on women who did STEM jobs, trying to push us into arts or sports or social things. Teachers and Professors said we couldn’t climb that rope in gym class, so don’t even try. Teachers and Professors said we couldn’t do math and science so do extra credit essays instead.

Modern Feminism has evolved into a white straight male hating thing, with female supremacy, males are now seen as inferiors to females, and white people are seen as inferiors to other races. So there is some black supremacist beliefs as well.

I remember there was a Youtube video by The Amazing Atheist using satire and sarcasm in response to a feminist video he whipped himself with a belt and said “I’m sorry I’m white, I’m sorry I’m male!” While he was joking, male who believe this sort of thing are called white knights or cucks and stuck in the friendzone.

OK let me look at this, women have equal rights, can have a legal abortion, there are many scholarships and grants and discount tuition for females in college and university classes for STEM. There are free classes on the Internet to learn STEM things like programming, technical work on computers, web design, and other things, that we can all do to improve ourselves, but we’d better just march and pretend like all of that does not exist.

Like I wrote before, you have to be qualified for a job, you have to have skills and knowledge on theories and how things work. If you only studied liberal arts and gender studies, and never studied STEM, why are you applying for STEM jobs then? Go back to school and earn a STEM degree or learn online and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you are a female. What happened to that I can do anything better than you attitude?

The Feminists have started a social movement that makes teachers and professors tell females that they can’t do this or that because they are a female. STEM is not feminine they claim. STEM has no gender requirements any in fact any gender can learn STEM. The bulk of it is math and science classes that you have to really study hard for.

There is a movie called Hidden Figures if I got the name correctly, that talks about how women working in the basement of NASA got a capsule back to Earth after an IBM mainframe malfunctioned and they had to do math on paper and using a mechanical adding machine. It is a true story and I hope it convinces females to study STEM again.

The real reason why white straight males are in STEM, is that nobody told them they could not do it as teachers and professors say to females and minorities that they can’t do it. That’s BS, females and minorities can do it and should learn how to study and take notes and ask questions to get the most of their education.

Are we angry that Trump is President and that is why women are marching, or is it some sort of inferiority complex our teachers and professors gave us? You have to be strong and go against what they say, and believe for yourself that you can do it. I myself decided to avoid parties and sex and even dating as I learned my computer science degree. I screened out all distractions and focused on my education as best as I could. Anyone of any gender ought to be able to do that.