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This story reminds of the time I got laid off for getting poison ivy and then failing to come into work on time (because my fingers were blistered). There were a lot of other factors in play though, but that laundry is ancient history and I’d have to perform an archaeological dig to retrieve it. I just remember receiving floppies with the websites I was hosting on their DSL connected cold-fusion IIS servers. Getting laid off sucks, but I can imagine the real sting is being denied access to the community meet-ups. In fact through this article I found out about the Rust meet-up, didn’t know we had one here in town. Perhaps they will find a new location in solidarity with your predicament. Try not to let the situation overwhelm you, it sounds like you are a pretty skilled guy struggling with some health issues, take care of your body is my advice, new opportunities will present themselves in time.

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