It’s tricky.
Caleb Epley

Yup it’s Def tricky, 100% agree there lol. But I don’t think my definition is lacking. Even if our memory is fallible, each individual has a distinctly unique processes of acquiring and attempting to recall memory. My definition takes into account that even our struggles with memory are individually unique.

As for a defining thing, I’m talking about a conceptually descriptive type of thing. my usage of thing in the context of this discussion is “a particular”, specifically “an individual or distinct part”. With that usage, Ego is a thing that exists as an distinctly unique collection of perceptive phenomenon for each person. But you’ve already quasi-conceded a point or two, albeit at hypothetical gun point lol. Lemme tackle the reality of perception next.

Full disclosure, I’m a skeptic, so I’m all for questioning the reliability of perception. I seek rational justifications for believing a claim, and proportion the certainty of my belief to the strength of the evidence supporting a claim. You have a dope question, but now we land at what method do we have available to evaluate the reality of our perception? How one goes about answering that question is paramount. What’s your method?

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