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ErisX Addresses Concerns Regarding COVID-19

ErisX Insights
Mar 10 · 2 min read

During this time of concern over the spread of COVID-19, ErisX has initiated procedures that address the health and safety of our Members and employees, as well as ensure the continuity of our markets. We have tested our business continuity and disaster recovery plans with the intent to ensure seamless operations throughout this unprecedented situation.

As a state and federally regulated venue, we are required to have robust policies and procedures to stay in compliance with governmental regulations and efficiently and effectively respond to public health guidance. ErisX is closely monitoring the situation and staying informed by following the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities.

In addition to testing our business continuity and disaster recovery plans, we have also implemented precautionary measures to protect our community including;

  1. Preventing anyone with flu-like symptoms from working in the office.
  2. Prohibiting anyone who has traveled to China, Japan, Italy, Iran and South Korea in the last month from visiting the office and updating this list of countries in-line with official guidance.
  3. Suspending international business travel and monitoring personal travel until more information is provided about COVID-19.
  4. Organizing remote meetings instead of in-person events.
  5. Staggering our employees’ work hours to avoid peak travel times and crowded public transportation vehicles.
  6. Practicing good hygiene by washing our hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and covering our face when we sneeze or cough.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation if you have been impacted by our precautions. We are closely monitoring the rapidly developing global situation and will update our blog with any significant changes to these procedures.

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