Familiarity Breeds Adoption for Digital Asset Marketplace

ErisX Insights
Nov 5 · 1 min read

Much has been said and written about whether bitcoin and other digital assets will achieve widespread acceptance. Driven by an influx of both legacy financial institutions and startups, this fast-moving era of innovation will soon see mainstream adoption thanks to the continuing maturation of the digital asset market.

We believe the presence of financial intermediaries and the capabilities and scale they offer market participants is an essential component for the inevitable widespread acceptance. In this white paper, we take an in-depth look at how the market is maturing and the importance of a familiar infrastructure to access digital assets.

You will also read about:

  • how digital assets compare to established commodity markets.
  • the role financial intermediaries have in the digital asset space.
  • what to expect when approaching “disruptive innovation.”

For more information about how familiar building blocks from traditional commodities markets will lead to conventionality in digital assets, we invite you to register and read this deep dive analysis.

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Improving the digital asset trading and investing experience.

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