Flipping Tables

Welfare Queen in a Welfare State. Food Stamps. Cheating the System. Don’t give them food unless they Work. Don’t give them food unless they’re Clean. Don’t give them food unless they’re Moral or Male or White or Christian or at least not Muslim or … or … or …

It’s endless the reasons that are given so that those who have a lot can avoid giving to those who have a little. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! How dare you own a TV or a Phone or a Computer or a Car! How dare you be fat! or sick! How dare you if you don’t look sick!

How dare you have tattoos or have been in jail! How dare you be too old. too young. too broken. too hopeless. too colorful. too sad. How dare you want your kids to be safe, clothed, fed, educated, protected, loved, valued.

It’s endless the outrage configured to suit every taste, every need, every want, every person who isn’t or can’t be. who can’t live.

— — — — — — — -

Why are we so angry with those who have so little? And who is angry with them? Is it because you don’t have anything and you want more? Do you need more? Why are you angry with the poor if you are also poor? They can’t give you anything. There isn’t anything left for them to share.

The poor don’t make the laws that could protect them. They don’t assign the budgets that could turn their lives around. They don’t funnel billions into the War Machine or to Lobbyists. They don’t give themselves tax breaks and break down Unions. They don’t siphon off American jobs to foreign soil where the gears of American greed can break down yet more people who are also poor and hungry and hopeless. They don’t lure young people into wars with promises of education and then spit them back out into the same system they mean to gut for profit.

Welfare Queens?

I think the terms you want are Slum Lord and CEO, Corporate Greed, and Political Graft. I think you want Prejudice, Corruption, Egotism, Nepotism, Racism, and Narcissm.

These are not the names of the poor.

— — — — — — — — — —

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