A new year. A new start.

At the beginning of the year I was let go. Literally. It was the Monday of the second week of the year when I learned I was being let go. Although I kind of knew it was coming, since my HR call was originally scheduled for the week before Christmas, and the amount of work I was doing had started to drop off in November.

What happened that week was new to me. Not only had I never been let go, the stories I heard from people were that they were given zero notice. I was given a week to transfer over my role to someone else in a different office in a different city. I was also told to use the week to benefit me; look for jobs, update my resume, stay home if I felt like it. But I didn’t. I did look for jobs, but from the office. At this time we were a small team of five, and it felt odd to remove myself from them so soon.

It still feels odd not waking up on Monday morning, grabbing breakfast and coffee for the team, and sitting next to our designer and across from our dev, while talking about our weekend.

I spent the first two days updating my resume, LinkedIn, creating profiles on job board websites, making sure the public view of my Facebook was professional, and updating my blog to show my online presence. My Instagram is private, it is the one bit of social media that I don’t share with everyone.

I also contemplated moving to Cuba to sell ice cream. I looked into getting a working visa for the UK. I thought about seeing if I could make YouTube (youtube.com/hiimerika) a full time thing and somehow manage to pay my bills.

I looked into way to learn more skills while not spending hundreds of dollars on certificates. I dropped out of my HR certificate program after realizing that I only need the basic information and can teach myself from a textbook from the local college(s).

I applied to over 50 jobs. I had five interviews. I had three second interviews. And after one month of hardcore job hunting I found a job. A position I wanted. I position I can learn from, grow in, to be happy in. It took four weeks, three of consistent work reading job applications and one week of I can’t do this anymore. But it was worth it and I’m happy I had so many people forcing me to keep going.

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