Back to School!

“I love how it’s quiet and then everyone knows the answer” — Ryan, our instructor

I went back to school this week. At 30 I quit* my job to go back to school to learn a new* skill with hopes of becoming a full-time front-end developer.

This week I started at HackerYou in their 9 week bootcamp course, cohort 12!

On day 1 we showed up, put on name tags, played a guess-at-random who might have written the paper you picked from a bowl. It was fun! (nerve-wracking but fun) and we got to know random things about each other and put names to faces.

Every thing was great!

And then lunch hit. And everyone started talking about their knowledge. And we all started internally freaking out, well maybe not everyone, but I sure did. A lot of my coding background is html and css and a mix of WordPress tricks I learned on my own out of pre nerdy-ness and the need to know how to customize websites. But I started wondering about my lack of knowledge of javascript and jquery and animations. Man, my animations are usually abandoned and commented out.

But I think since we all have different backgrounds and experiences and skill levels in different aspects of development, this will help us work together to learn and fix things. I’ve already had to get one student to help me centre my divs, margin 0 auto hates me. Or I just don’t understand it enough, we should work on our communication better. I don’t think me yelling at it helps.

Anyways, at the end of day 1, I was feeling like I had made the right choice to be here. I headed home, stopping to grab some groceries (trying to not buy lunch and dinner out), and jumped into project 1. It can only get better, right? Oh wait, I forgot about javascript.

*quit meaning I told them I was quitting for this and they agreed to a leave of absence

*new meaning I’ve been doing this freelance for two years but need to learn more

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