To the one who never gets tired

Never did I saw you give up. Never did you stop. Never did you show signs of getting tired. No matter how hard and exhausting your day may be, still, you manage to do your responsibilities.

We may have thousands of misunderstanding but I know that you never stop caring. We may fight a lot but I know that your love is so much more. We may not be as close as we wanted to be but I know that you’ll always be there when I needed you the most.

I want you to know that I’m very thankful for having you. You’re not just my father, you are so much more. You’re my no. 1 fan, my personal driver, my adviser, my strength, my weakness, my love, and my king. You are my everything.

Never did you let me feel even for a second that you’re tired of me. Tired of my mistakes, my lies, and my dramas. You make me feel special in every minute of everyday. You treat me like a princess. You make me feel so precious.

Thank you for not giving up on me. You’ll forever be my King and no one could replace you here in my heart. Sml.