My experience hosting a Figma workshop for project managers and engineers.

An illustration of people working together remotely.
An illustration of people working together remotely.
Illustration by Ka Lee

Right before the end of my summer internship with Microsoft Garage, I was flattered to be invited to share my experience in Figma to a group of people who were new to it. Since Figma supports collaboration across disciplines and boosts work efficiency, I would love to share how I structure the crash course with you all! Before I started, these were questions that the audience would love to know about Figma:

  • I want to apply existing templates from Microsoft but I am not sure where to find…

An 3D illustration of people putting user interface modules together.
An 3D illustration of people putting user interface modules together.
By Dmitry Gordienko

Before I begin to talk about my interview experience, I would like to make a list of the companies that I interviewed with and how all those went. Since I got a ton of rejection emails, I only listed out companies that I interviewed with but didn’t get through. Since I signed NDAs, I am not able to share the detailed interviews with you. However, I will share my experience with questions that you should be prepared to answer during your interviews!

Offer: Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft

Rejection: Mastercard, Punchcut, Cisco, ByteDance, Google

Declined: Facebook, Quora, VMware, Twitter, SAP

In Progress…

Shall we continue using Venmo to send money?

By Jeremie Lim


What is Venmo?

Hi all! How are you all doing? Welcome to our second app critique session! We talked about Venmo via online Zoom discussion and here is the essence of our talk! We plan to invite guest designers to our session in the near future so stay tuned and let us know if you are interested!

As we all know, Venmo is a mobile payment app that allows users to easily send money to others. All five of us have experienced using Venmo as one of our top friend-payment methods. While we love the…

Join us and practicing group app critique together!

Illustration by maryanne

Why group app critique?

Hi all! We are excited to announce that we formed a group of five ambitious designers and do weekly app critique sessions together. Design is collaborative. It is easy to be biased when doing design as the sole designer. Hence we would like to explore the form of group discussion to learn about others’ thoughts and exchange brilliant ideas. :D

Get your own oil painting, for free!

A corner of my room XD


I just started to work on Processing for a few months. I would say it is a great tool to learn about coding for the design. Since I had prior coding experience, I found the whole learning process fun.

Before I dive into how I did this quick design, I would like to share some helpful links for you to get into/better in Processing. :)

Download Processing: Well, you will have to download it as the first step!

OpenProcessing Community: Learn about other people’s work! You will be able to see their codes

A few curated examples that I enjoyed reading about.

As young designers, we always wondering how to showcase our best work. How can we tell a compelling story via our process book? I got a few inspirations from Behance.

Process Book 101

To me, a UX project is a solution to the spotted problem instead of beautifully crafted visual designs. We aim to deliver a way to help enhance usefulness, usability, and delightfulness. As UX designers we are data-oriented and we build each step from our research. …

Documentation of my design process

(How might we improve the durability of WH1000XM2?)


When you munch down on a hamburger at Starbucks or jot down some notes throughout the course of the day, you may even forget that you are wearing your headphones. However, listening to music is still an essential part to many people.

I am in the process of redesigning the Sony WH1000XM2 Headphones. I would like to explore an opportunity for people to be more happy with their purchases. I aim to enhance the usefulness, usability, and delightfulness of the product.

Contextual Research

Secondary Research

I did secondary research by looking through reviews for the headphones on Amazon. …

Yutong Zhang

Master Student @CCA studying Interaction Design. UX Design Intern @Microsoft. Portfolio:

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