Why I start learning HTML and CSS?

A year ago I was so bored, nothing to do, nothing on TV. The social media is getting ridiculous only photos, selfies and belfies. Surfing on the net i found a free tutorial How to make a website no coding. “Wow this is for me” I thought “No coding, just some little steps and I can have my own website”

So I start watching this tutorial, it was a nice one. Simple steps and I got my first web page on WordPress. First I was happy about my creation but …. later It looked so common. All that hard work. I spent money for a domain and for a host. OK for a domain was nothing and it’s 9$/year but for the host I have to pay 9 $/month and for what.. for just a common web page?! So I start searching how to improve my page.

I read a lot of articles, tutorials and watched a lot of video tutorials. But the best think was you had to know some coding to make changes on the page. But the first tutorial that got me into this said you dont need coding for a WordPress site. Bull shit!!! He didn’t explained me about the child themes. A theme can help you buid a website on WordPress but if you want to change the colors the menu color you need some basic HTML and CSS.

So I start reading and watching HTML & CSS tutorials. Codeacademy is a good source to start learning HTML and CSS. HTML is a simple language and you dont need a lot of time to undertand it. I thing you can understand it in just a day. What about CSS? It is easy to learn but hard to master. In this project we will learn HTML and CSS together so lets have some fun.

This was How I start learning HTML and CSS. I want to give my thanks to the guy that made that tutorial about “How to make a website in WordPress without coding” Thank you man!!


Originally published at ehventure.com on October 21, 2015.

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